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Energy Leftovers
No matter where we are, there is an array of residual energy. The energy is from previous people, events and objects as well as what we ourselves have sent out into the space.

These energies have an impact on how we feel. If our vibration sinks down to match the lower energies which are present, we are setting ourselves up for more of the same.

Typically, we can feel the quality of energy in a room or home. Have you ever noticed that when a certain someone walks into a room it feels like sunshine just walked in?

Conversely, have you ever reacted to someone's energy by having a huge urge to make a quick exit? Energy may not by seen, however, it can be felt. Trust yourself. If something or place or person does not feel right, remove yourself from the situation. If you are not able to relocate elsewhere, strongly intend that only the highest energies be allowed to enter your body.

It is not wise to assume that the energy must be good if you live in a home which was not previously occupied. That assumption may, or may not, be true. What was the quality of the energy of the workers who built or repaired your house or apartment? Have you ever had moments of anger, despair and sadness while in your home? Who else is contributing to the energy of the dwelling? Is there a spouse, child, or housekeeper? Your guests... were they all exuding positive energy? All those energies are still lingering about your residence. Back to us... did you ever think of what we let loose in our cars? A frightening thought, indeed!

Archangel Michael is known to be a powerful protector. If you believe in angels, call Archangel Michael in to bring all the lowest energies to the light. If not, find your own way to visualize yourself protected. Choose some method you can trust will help, or, it will not be as effective. You can always "smudge" the room by burning recommended grasses such as sage. Smudge can be obtained locally or online. If you want to purchase it online, visit my Amazon associated site

If you have tried other methods to no avail and the area still feels energetically heavy, Aurora Mistica™ can be used to help clear/bless the space. Common residual energies respond well to a short (4 day) Aurora Mistica™ distance energy clearing.

Here is a list of some space clearing applications:

* New apartment or home
* House warming gift
* Clearing a motel or hotel room
* Clearing a cruise state room
* Teachers or Parents: Applying the energy to a classroom
* Real Estate Agents: Clearing a house that just does not feel good
* New office clearing
* Rented cabins, motor homes, cars etc.
* Clearing an area where an important presentation will be made
* Seasonal cleaning
* Leased or personally owned cars

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