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Distance Energy Healing

Services - Aurora Mistica Distant Remote Energy HealingAurora Mistica™ can be directed to just about anything as long as the intent is pure and will not interfere with the free will of another.

The recipient can be a person, pet, situation, project, corporate team, sports team, event and so much more.

In addition to typically being using Aurora Mistica™ to help our personal physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, Aurora Mistica™ can be used in so many other ways.

Listed below are a few additional and creative uses of Aurora Mistica™'s energy.

Space Blessing
A Space Blessing Aurora Mistica™ Session can be used to cleanse any area such as a room, house or building.
An example could be a Real Estate agent using Aurora Mistica™ to energetically purify a home.

Group Sessions
An Aurora Mistica™ session can be directly to the workings of a sports team, corporate group or committee. Any group assembled for a common purpose could benefit from the intellignet influence of Aurora Mistica™.

Pet Sessions

Like us, our pets have their own challenges. Animals are very sensitive to energy. Pets, as well as people, benefit from the influence of this beautiful energy. As our pets follow their own path, they too could use some help.


Plant Sessions

Plants are also living things. I, for one, am very attached to my plants. They give me a great deal of joy and comfort. I believe that the reason spending time in nature feels so good is that we benefit from the calm grounding enegy of the Plant Kingdom.

Often we forget that plants also have challenges. As a Biologist, I feel the need to remind the reader that life on earth is hugely dependent on the survival of plants. Our food chain begins with small chlorophyll bearing organisms in our oceans. Most of our oxygen, as well as our entire food source, depends on the survival of plants. It behooves us to fiercly protect and clean up our beautiful planet so as to ensure the survival of our planet and its inhabitants.

Weather Sessions

Turbulance in weather is often a mirror of turbulence of the mass consciousness's thoughts and beliefs. If part of a population is focusing on peace at the same time weekly, there have been scientifcally proven statistics which indicate a statistically significant reduction of violent crime during that time period. I also believe that our thoughts & focus can and do influence the weather, as well as everything else.

Without getting into the details of how it came to pass...I have found that directing energy to a storm has helped reduce its level of disturbance and damage. From my own personl experience, I have learned that, even while in terror, directing energy to a tornado miraculously avoided damage to my property as well as that of my neighbors.
My fallen sixty foot twin maples appeared to have been placed precisely where they would not damage property. Since then, I feel that directing energy to a storm does, indeed, help while avoiding interferring with the free will and path of others.

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