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Before Purchasing - Please READ FIRST
Rates & Purchase Page - Aurora Mistica(TM) Distance Energy Healing

Thank You for listening to your intuition and choosing to engage in the experience of Aurora Mistica™ Distance Healing!

To keep us both organized and to ensure that you have an optimal distant energy healing experience, you will receive a series of informative reminder emails throughout your Aurora Mistica™ remote healing session.

To be certain you get these informative and confirming emails, PayPal will return you to this site to fill out a session-specific form on a "SESSION REGISTRATION PAGE".

*While in PayPal, you must click "RETURN TO MERCHANT" or the emails will not get generated for you.
You will still receive the Aurora Mistica™ energy... but NOT the informative and confirming emails.

If you used your PayPal account, rather than just your credit card, the return to my site and the "SESSION REGISTRATION PAGE" is automatic.

*PLEASE adjust your SPAM filters to accept all email from the domain &

1. Clicking on the "Pay for Session" button below will bring you to to take care of the monetary part of registering.

2. Once at, you will have a choice to use either your ...    1) PayPal account    Or     2) a Credit Card.
Please note: A PayPal account is NOT necessary to complete the payment.

3. If you choose to pay using your PayPal account, upon completion of the transcation, you will automatically be brought to the very vital "Session Registration Form" page which essentially tells me to whom I will direct the Aurora Mistica™ energy. Fill it out and please remember to submit it. Before you do, please check for email address typos so that communication attempts will be successful.

4. If you choose to pay with your Credit Card, it is imperative that when the transaction is completed in PayPal, you manually click "Return to Merchant" to bring you to the appropriate "Session Registration Form."

5. When you get the confirming receipt email from PayPal, you will need the 17 digit PayPal Transaction ID # for the Session Registration Form.
To make it easy, you can copy it from the email & paste it into the Registration Form.

*If you forgot to click RETURN TO MERCHANT in PayPal and/or did not get to fill out the "Session Registration Form." please contact me immediately so that you can have an informed & optimal session..

Rates - Aurora Mistica™ Distance Healing Sessions - USD
4 Day Distant Healing Session $47.00
7 Day Distant Healing Session $67.00
14 Day Distant Healing Session $117.00
21 Day Distant Healing Session $167.00
30 Day Distant Healing Session $197.00
Rates - Repeating Distance Healing Subscriptions - USD
3 Days Per Week - Subscription $27.00
7 Days Per Week - Subscription $57.00


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