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Gifting an Aurora Mistica™ Distance Healing Session

Gifting Aurora Mistica(TM) Distance Energy HealingGifting an Aurora Mistica™ distance energy healing session is a kind and common occurrence. After all, if someone dear to us is in pain, as compassionate human beings, we want to help.

How to handle the timing of presenting the recipient of the gift of healing is up to you. I am certain your intimate knowledge of the personality of the recipient will guide your decision. Some gifts are silently purchased without notice to the recipient. Others will ask the recipient in advance. The last option, of course, is to purchase the session and inform the recipient later.

The process of purchasing an Aurora Mistica™ distance healing session for a friend is pretty straightforward. After your return from paying for the session at and getting directed to the Registration Form page, you will see areas in the Registration Form designated for inputting the recipient's information. When the confirming, informative and reminder emails arrive in your inbox, you can simply forward them to the recipient if they are willing and/or able take it all in.

Concerning consciously calling in the energy of Aurora Mistica™, if a recipient is unable to do so, it is fine. Their soul/higher self is in direct contact with Aurora Mistica™'s energy and fully aware of the circumstances. On a soul level, the recipient is receiving the healing energy around the clock, as, and where, needed.

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