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TCorporate - Team - Group Sessions - Aurora Mistica Distance Healinghere are times when a group of people collected for a common purpose could use some extra help. For a group to be successful, the idiosyncrasies of each member could serve to support or destroy the intended purpose of the group.

Clearly, there is a much greater chance of acheiving the goal of the group by having an overlying feeling of harmony and cooperation. If such a group is better off dissolving, this too can be an outcome catalyzed by the influence of Aurora Mistica ™ energy. The energy which is Aurora Mistica™ has an intelligence. It works for the greatest good of all involved. Receiving Aurora Mistica™ distance energy healing while the committee/group are in session can only help.

If you want to purchase an Aurora Mistica™ session for your Group, Corporation Event, Team etc. click on "Rates" and simply choose an appropriate session duration and then click the corresponding "Pay for Session" button.

Upon returning from PayPal you will be presented with a "Registration Page". It is a generic Registration Page in that the recipient can be a person, pet, situation, event or group.
There will be an optional text box titled "Reason for Session".
This is where you briefly identify the name of the group/ team/project/committee etc.

You will notice there is an option as to send to the Past, Present or Future. Click which one you want.
Also included is a field that supplies text space to indicate dates and/or pertinent timeframes. One can indicate the time or date range in that field.

When the "Registration Form" is complete, click on the "Submit" button located at the bottom of the form.
Soon as you click Submit please immediatley check your email.
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you supplied in the Registration Form.

Other emails will follow to educated as well as keep a focus on the energy.
Should you have any questions about this process, feel free to email me .


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