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Aurora Mistica™ Distance Healing Sessions
Intensive Distance Energy Healing Sessions
Aurora Mistica Distance Healing Page ImageThere are several choices one has concerning the configuration and duration of their Aurora Mistica™ session. The first choice has to do with choosing between a specific numbers of days or a continuous session that ends when the recipient chooses.

Intensive Sessions are sessions which have a predetermined number of days. There is an exact begin and end date and only a one time payment and registration form.

At this point in time I am offerring 4 Day, 7 Day, 14 Day, 21 Day and 30 Day Aurora Mistica™ Intensive distance healing sessions.

Repeating Subscription Distance Energy Healing Sessions

A repeating Aurora Mistica™ session involves what is termed a Subscription.

Often Aurora Mistica™ clients choose to have several consecutive sessions. This process involves coming to this website, going to PayPal for payment and finally filling out a Registration Form each time they choose to continue on with receiving Aurora Mistica™.

With this scenario, it is more practical to register once and have one visit to PayPal, PayPal will then automatically bill you on a weekly basis. When you are ready to end the subscription, just log into your PayPal account chose to do so.

Unlike Intensive Sessions which begin immediately, Subscription Sessions begin on the Sunday after the first payment. The weekly start time is always Sunday 12:00 am midnight and continues for 24 hours until Monday 12:00 am.

At this point in time, I am offerring a choice of either 3 Days per Week or 7 Days per Week Repeating Subscriptions.

Those who select the 3 Days per Week Subscription will receive and have access to Aurora Mistica™ for 24 hours on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The recipient is welcome to call in any additional energy they may need during these 24 hour blocks of time.

Those who select the 7 Days per Week Subscription will receive and have access to Aurora Mistica™ 24/7 beginning on the Sunday after their first payment. Once again, the energy becomes avialable at 12:00 am Sunday. Recipients will receive the energy, as ofthen their soul deems fit, without any conscious effort on the part of the recipient.

Should a recipient experience a need for a boost of energy, access to Aurora Mistica™ is made available until the end of the session. While in session, there is no limit as to how often the energy can me called in.

Rates for Aurora Mistica™ Distance Energy Healing

The rates for the various Aurora Mistica distance healing sessions are located on the Rates page. Please carefully read the directions before you select and click on a payment button.

Those who are NOT paying using their PayPal account need to remember to click "Return Back to Merchant" while in PayPal and are near completion of their transaction.
It is vitally necessary to return to using the link PayPal has stored because a Registration Form must be filled in and submitted as well as allowing informative emails need to come your way.

If you accidently forget to go back to my site from PayPal and don't get presented with the appropriate Registration Form, please contact me ASAP with your information and PayPal Transaction ID#.

To view the fee structure, click the "Rates" link found in the small vertical menu to your left or click HERE.

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