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The Process
The Process ~ While in Session
Email From Aurora Mistica™
While in Aurora Mistica(TM) Distance Energy Healing Session
Email - Informative:

During the first few days of your Aurora Mistica™ distance healing session you will receive a series of highly informative emails. These emails are designed to enhance your distance energy healing experience. The activities and suggestions are NOT mandatory. A recipient can go through their Aurora Mistica ™ session without any real active participation.

Email - Reminders:
After the initial flurry of informative emails, you will receive occasional "Reminder Emails" to help keep you more focused on the energy. Again, no action is required. The emails are intended to enhance your experience... not to stress you out! You may choose to be as relaxed or active during your distance healing session as you want. The energy will always be there, diligently working behind the scenes.

Please Note:
Often, the content of the emails will contain information and helpful tools created only for in-session clients. These will not be unavailable on the site.

Please save your emails as a reference while enjoying your Aurora Mistica™ distance energy healing session. There will be times when you want to go back to a tool or topic. I suggest you keep these emails at your fingertips for speedy reference.

*Regardless if you read the emails or not, please do not click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email until your Aurora Mistica™ distance energy healing session has been completed.

Receiving the Energy

While in session, Aurora Mistica™'s healing energy is available to you around the clock for twenty-four hours a day. How often and where the energy is used depends upon the decisions made between your soul/higher self and the benevolent and divine intelligence of Aurora Mistica™. The priority of both your soul and Aurora Mistica™ is the same... your highest and greatest good.

Aurora Mistica™ is unique in that the energy is available for twenty-four hours a day. A second distinguishing aspect of Aurora Mistica™ distance healing is that an individual can consciously call the energy in to them. There are times when we all need an energetic boost. Aurora Mistica™ will be literally available at your beck and call.

To call in the remote healing energy, very little is required of the recipient. Simply thinking of the energy, visualizing, meditation, or any other method that comes to mind will work. It is all about intention. Aurora Mistica™ responds very well to intention.


While in an Aurora Mistica™ distance healing session, take notice of what comes up for healing.

You may have thought that you had long since recovered from a past hurt only to find it resurfacing with a vengeance.

This event is showing you that what you thought was healed, was, in fact, buried and stuffed into your body. Often our hurts are so very painful that denial, or "stuffing" them, is the best way to get through them. In reality, "stuffing" keeps them stuck in our bodies thus producing imbalances they fester. Eventually, trapped emotions lead to physical manifestations we call "dis-ease".

If emotions of hate, hurt, envy, anger etc. come up, it is important to acknowledge and then feel them. Just as physical pain has the purpose of telling us something needs attention, emotional pain carries the same message. When it comes to hurtful emotions, we need to feel them to heal them. When such an emotion arises, acknowledge it, feel it, process it, reframe it...and ...LET IT GO. Only by letting it go can you truly be set free and find your joy.

*If you are under the care of a therapist, psychiatrist or other such mental health professional, by all means, employ their services if you discover your stuffed old hurts too hard to handle alone. All of us could use some help at times. "Letting It Go" is easier said than done.

The surfacing of hurts is only one of the potential results of the connection between your soul/higher self with Aurora Mistica™. Healings are as unique as the recipient. The goal of healing is happiness. Aurora Mistica™ paves the way to that end.

I have put together snippets of Aurora Mistica™ distant healing client feedback, along with my own personal experiences and observations. Click on the "Recognizing" link for a sampling of reported experiences during Aurora Mistica™ sessions.

Self Care

Self Care is often an area neglected by many people. So many of us are great at taking care of others rather than ourselves. It varies from person to person and shows up in various degrees, however, I suspect we could all do better. Whether you are in a distance energy healing session or not, I feel that many of us would benefit by becoming our own caregivers.

I have created a few pages sharing Self Care wisdom I have collected along the way. I felt it was such an important topic that it deserved its own pages. Click Self Care and take from it what you will.

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