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The Process
Self Care ~ Your Thoughts & Feelings
If you like it...Believe it!

Our mind is busy with thoughts all day long. Each thought carries an energy of its own. Some of these thoughts amplify our desires, some are neutral and some actually sabotage our dearest desires.

During this Aurora Mistica™ distance healing session, I ask that you pay attention to the topics, quality and nature of your thoughts.
If you were to assign a percentage to each type of thought, how would your rate your percentage of... positive thoughts, neutral thoughts, and negative thoughts?

Notice that these thoughts reflect your beliefs. Do your beliefs support your dreams, goals and aspirations? If not, are you willing to change your beliefs? Do you truly want your desires to manifest? Are you honestly ready and willing let go of the perceived benefits of where you are now?

Where are you placing the bulk of your energy? Are you focusing on what you lack? If so, you are giving your power and energy to your focus... lack.

Example: If you go out to order a cup of coffee, do you focus on how you really don't have that cup of your life never has had a cup of you are just a loser when it comes to coffee... etc. etc. etc...OR do you focus on the knowing that your cup of coffee is yours...even though you don't see just KNOW that it is yours and there is no need to fret about it not coming. You KNOW that it is a done deal. You KNOW that you had the right thoughts, beliefs, expectations and actions needed to draw a cup of coffee to you.

Think about this session of Aurora Mistica™ remote energy healing. Do you have an expectation as to what can happen and what can't?
If you have any limits placed on what this energy can do, remove them NOW.
Remember, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. (as long as you don't interfere with the free will of another)

If you observe a wonderful healing occurring... do NOT dance around the house saying.."OMG...I don't believe it...I really don't believe it"!
Energy follows thoughts, words and beliefs. If you like it, but keep saying you don't believe it, it may very well go away to make you right.
Of course, dancing around the house with great joy saying "I am (fill in with positive.)" over and over again is a great idea!

When creating, always get yourself into a place of feel-good. Chose a memory or vision that always gives you joy. If a negative thought, feeling of stress, anger, or any other sabotaging thought or emotions comes up, let it drift off and go to your "go-to" feel-good memory. Stay in this positive feeling and do what you can to maintain it.

These principles apply to everything. Do whatever you must to keep your focus on what is right... even if it is a tiny crumb of good...focus on it. Know that more of it is yours...and see yourself as already having much more of it. When you feel good, it affects every aspect of your life. Of course, the same is true of the reverse.

Have you ever heard the expression "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer". Each group focuses on where they are in the moment. This focus on "what is" produces more of "what is." If you don't like your "what is", by all means, don't feed it!

My point?
1. Focus on that sliver of good and watch it grow. Smile as you envision it as a mountain of good.

2. Forbid yourself from entertaining thoughts of lack. If one floats by, acknowledge it by saying "Thanks for sharing" and then LET IT GO. Shift into a "feel-good" thought. Keep that "feel-good" very well feed. It will bring you more of the same... in every area of your life.

3. Avoid complaining and/or joining in with other complainers. Again, your energy is feeding those thoughts and words.. so "Stop It!".

4. Do something daily to send out the message that you mean business about achieving your goal and you intend to see it. Take daily action in the direction of your desires. It need not be an arduos action Any action, large or small, helps.

* If your visualizations and/or affirmations of your goals are done from a place of fear, that fear will counteract your efforts. Always visualize and affirm from a position of POWER. View it as an act of creation rather than longing.

Only a few focused minutes a day (7-12 minutes in the a.m. then again in the p.m.) of smiling feeling visualization of your personal good is fine. Then,, let it go and take those action steps.

If you keep visualizing and affirming all day long, every minute, every second,chances are high that negativity will sneak in. You may find yourself noticing the lack of your desire while you are "trying" of so hard to visualzing its presence in your life. "Trying" implies lack... so reframe that thought! Just feel it into your life as you receive those moments of inspired thoughts ideas and actions that carry you joyfully in the direction of your dreams.

Avoid thinking. Walk through your day feeling as if you already have it... because, energetically, you already do.
Expect to collect:)

Warning: Don't keep looking for "it" ..."Where is it? , When is it coming? , How will it arrive? Gosh, I can't see it! Darn...been doing this for 3 months and nothing!!", "I knew this wouldn't work! "

Looking for "it" means you don't really trust in your power to draw it too you.
Looking for "it" stalls or derails the process. Stop looking!

Do observe your feelings. Every hour or so, tune it. How are you feeling? Ask youself, is that what you want to keep feeding?

Whatever you believe... is true. Observe and tweak those beliefs. Give your feelings a huge overhaul in favor of "feel-good". Allow your good to arrive.

Once you get to a point where your vibration (feelings) are mostly good, your body will need to adjust to these higher vibrations as it rids itself of the harmful chemicals produced from your past "feel-bad" thoughts. As the shift occurs, there is a possibility that you may have some tired ho-hum days. This too shall pass.

Emotional energy gives power to wherever you are placing it.
Worry is putting a great deal of emotional energy into something. The emotional energy gives worry power. In a perverse sense, worry is like a prayer for what you don't want! Feed what you want, starve what you don't.

Unfortunately, most of us put more emotional energy on what we don't want and far less on what we do want. During this Aurora Mistica™ distance healing session, become acutely aware of the energetic "requests" you are sending out to the universe.
You may reconsider how you use your power.
No matter how horrible things are, it is in our best interest to place our attention and energy in what we do have. It could be feeling gratitude for having a roof over our heads, or, eyes that can see. A beautiful cloud could be enough to get your gratitude feeling juices going. There is so much to be grateful for! Make it a practice to look for things, people, situations, comforts etc. for which you are grateful. If need be, play a game of pretend. Look at something and ask youself how your life would be impacted should it suddently vanish. Even a can opener can make a great target for gratitude.

Remember, try to get yourself in the feeling place of gratitude. Words alone don't have the energetic clout that feelings do. The more you find to be grateful for, the more you will draw that will give you a reason to be grateful. It is all energy. One way or the other, we are aiming it at something. Do you know where you are pointing your energy lately? Point consciously.

Appreciation is a form of sending "almost" love to something or someone. If you can get right to the love, the result is all the more powerful. The more we can muster up the feeling of appreciation, the better. It need not be a huge event such as some nice person saved your life. Anyone or anything qualifies for receiving your appreciation/love. The idea is to remain in that feeling for as long as you can. One can appreciate a red light, door, tree, fish, spouse, light bulb, animal, situation, condition etc. etc. etc.

The recipient of the appreciation benefits as well as the sender. Often, appreciation is consciously used to snap us out of a relationship funk. Find something that you had loved about the person and appreciate it with all the feeling you can gather. Do this daily and often. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the results!

If the object of your appreciation/love is experiencing challenges due to circumstances that are bothering them, simply picture the recipient healthy, smiling and happy. It is the best thing you can do for the both of you. Avoid focusing on their drama as that will bring your energy down while reinforcing that which you do not want for your loved one.

Don't worry about stepping on their free will. They have the choice to remain as is. It then becomes your challenge to avoid getting dragged down into their rut by keeping your energy feeling good.
As opposed to stress and thinking sad, fearful or angry thoughts, laughter produces beneficial chemical changes in our bodies. A great strategy is to keep on hand funny stories, books, jokes, music and videos that typically make us laugh.

Dr. Norman Cousins overcame a "terminal" cancer by watching The Three Stooges movies. He started the mind-body connection revolution of today.
You can buy his book at my Amazon associated store. HERE is his ground-breaking book.

Today, we have, which has videos of all types for free viewing. It may take some time to sift through them, however if you create a playlist devoted to humor, it will be there for you during the darkest of moments.

Can't bring yourself to laugh? Then smile. "Fake it until you make it".

Humor Emergency Kit:
Stock yourself up with an armory of humor that you can quickly access when your thoughts have such a hold on you that you need some quick relief. The key is to acknowledge the negative thought or emotion and immediately LET IT GO. Denial only stuffs painful emotions into your body thus allowing them to fester resulting in imbalances and disease. Accept that you are experiencing a sad emotion and then, take immediate steps to uplift your energy.

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