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The Process
The Process ~ Recognizing Aurora Mistica™
Recognizing Aurora Mistica(TM) Distance Energy Healing
Aurora Mistica™ distance energy healings will vary from time to time and person to person. I have found the depth and breadth of the feedback to be extremely interesting... at best.

* A problem you had been wrestling with becomes a non-issue. Your view of it suddenly feels lighter.

* A solution to a need comes to you effortlessly.

* You feel like you are not alone. There is support.

* There is a feeling of grace.

* That feeling of "overwhelm" is better... or gone.

* A frozen arm totally healed. USA

* Your heart feels like it has opened to love.

* The body began a physical purge affecting primarily the digestive system. N.C. USA

* You find the courage to do something you know needs to be done for your own good.

* People or circumstances in your life suddenly arrive, just when you need them.

* A suicide was prevented. USA

* You just feel good!

* A 6" diameter very hot halogen lamp bulb feel on my left forearm. The pain was deserving of tears. I applied Aurora Mistica™ to the red raised area. Within 15 minutes, the pain was gone. No blisters, scars, pain or peeling. 24 hours later I had forgotten all about it. In about a week, there was no sign of the burn at all.

* A very painful spider bite...pain...gone! USA

* You find yourself more confident and feeling empowered.

* Prior relationship issues are healed opening the door for new relationships.

* You are smiling more.

* A need for greater amounts of water helped flush out buried toxins.

* You become kinder to yourself and others.

* You may feel the heat of the energy.

* Request for divorce was suddently retracted. Reconciliation followed.

* You now can sleep.

* Pains either disappear or improve.

* Creativity flows with greater ease.

* You feel like you are in a hug of love.

* Opportunities seem to pop in from nowhere.

* You receive inspired prodding to change or do something different.

* You get inspired to choose a healthier way of being.

* You feel a great deal more hopeful about life.

* There is a quiet feeling of trust. It will all work out, even though you don't know how.

* Insommnia - gone. Netherlands.

* A strained relationship gently shifts toward harmony.

* Inner limitations to what you desire have been lifted. Abundance flows with ease.

* One or more chakras feel like they are being adjusted.

* Tears that mysteriously feel good.

* Lady with head & neck pain held up necklace in front of charged image, wore the necklace & pain gone. USA.

* Virginia --Gentleman uses charge stones to remove sinus pain.

* Anxiety attack... gone.

* After 4 days, migraine headaches much better.

* Surgery avoided for one happy little doggy in CA... and a very happy owner.

* Solvenia - Cat gets seriously hurt. Hind legs prevent and movement at all. In great pain. running, jumping happy.

* Lady in USA stage 4 cancer....doing "Great!". Right lung is almost totally "clear".

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