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The Process
The Process ~ After an Aurora Mistica™ Session

End of Aurora Mistica(TM) Energy Healing SessionAfter an Aurora Mistica™ session has been completed, one can reflect on the physical, emotion and/or spiritual changes which have occurred. For some, the changes may have been subtle. For others, the changes could have been highly pronounced.

Every person and situation is different. The same person can have a gentle shift after one session and an intense experience after another session. The recipient may have been apprehensive during the first Aurora Mistica™ session thus throwing some doubt into the mix. The next Aurora Mistica™ energy healing session may be more powerful due to a openness to the energy. Certain issues may need to heal gently while other issues are ready to heal swiftly. Many variables are at play. It is beyond possible to try to figure it all out.

Subtle or intense, Aurora Mistica™'s influence is often felt after the completion of a session. The energy of Aurora Mistica™ set in motion a variety of changes which may not manifest immediatley.

I suggest keeping a journal of how you felt before, during and after the session. Check within every few weeks after the distance healing session has ended. You may be surprised as to the quality and quantity of the changes you are experiencing. Accept that change is now in motion. Relationship shifts, health improvements, greater well being, supportive opportunities, optimism and increased empowerment are a few of the reported "after effects" of an Aurora Mistica™ session. The session itself may have been rather tumultuous, however, after the dust settles, life gets better.

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