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The Process
The Process ~ Payment & Registration Form
The Payment & Registration Process

1. Payment:
Soon as you click the PayPal button you will be directed to You will see the price of the session on an online PayPal receipt. There will be choice as to payment using either your personal PayPal Account, OR, your Credit Card.

You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to make a payment. To begin to make a payment for an Aurora Mistica™ session, click either the "RATES" or "PURCHASE" links.

2. Registration Form:
If you are using funding from your PayPal account, upon the completion of the transaction you will automatically be sent to an Aurora Mistica™ Registration Form page.

Please read the directions on top first, fill out the form, and then click "Submit". Upon submission of the Registration Form, you will be directed to back-arrow to the Aurora Mistica™ website.

*If you choose to use a Credit Card rather than a PayPal account, you will need to take one little extra step.... "Return to Merchant".

When you are completing a Credit Card transaction, you will see an option "Return to Merchant". It is VERY important that you click on "Return to Merchant" as it will bring you to the correct Registration Form on the Aurora Mistica™ site.

*If, for some reason, this does not occur, please send me an email forwarding your PayPal generated notice of payment email.
On your subject line of your forward please add... "Did not Fill Registration Form".

3. SPAM filters:
Please remember to adjust your SPAM filters to accept email from

4. Welcome Email:
Immediately check the email address you input into the Registration Form and see if your "Welcome" email arrived. If you do not see it right away, check your junk and/or SPAM folders.

*If you still can't find the email, please contact me as soon as possible at ...

5. Informative Email:
During the first few days of your Auora Mistica™ session, you will receive several informative emails. After those initial informative emails are delivered, you will receive occasional reminder emails to help you stay focused on the energy and the shifts that you are experiencing.

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