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The Process
The Process ~ An Overview
Overview - Aurora Mistica(TM) Distance Energy Healing Image 1. Read:
Read through the website and learn about Aurora Mistica™'s energy and distance energy healing services offered.

2. Intention:
The primary intention of all my energy work is always the highest and best outcome for the recipient. A secondary focus/intention can be offered up to your soul/higher self and Aurora Mistica™ to consider. The "highest and greatest outcome" will always be the first priority. A secondary intention will receive attention only if your soul/higher self determines it to be in your best interest considering your soul needs and life path.

It is NOT necessary to have a Secondary Intention/Focus while receiving Aurora Mistica™'s energy. If you choose to include a Secondary Intention/Focus , click HERE to learn how to frame a positive intention.

A dire personal need is not a prerequisite to experiencing an effective Aurora Mistica™ session. Simply receiving the energy without expectations and directives often produces the most interesting and powerful of results. A general feeling of wellness is a great outcome unto itself.

3. Length of Session:
Determine the length of the Aurora Mistica™ session you feel would best serve your present need.

Every person, path and intention is different. I cannot predict how the energy will be used nor how many sessions a particular person and their intention requires. Use your inner resources/intuition to make that determination.

Please do not exclude the possibility a that one session may be enough to give life to your intention. I have seen spontaneous healings precipitated by Aurora Mistica™'s energy. Be OPEN to all the possibilities as to how your particular healings will unfold. Trust that Aurora Mistica™ will always work for your highest and greatest good.

4. Purchase Your Session:
Go to the "Purchase" or "Rate" page and make the appropriate Payment.
You will be brought to to complete the transaction.
*At, you will have the choice of using your PayPal account (if you have one) or a Credit Card.

if you are using a Credit Card instead of a PayPal account, PLEASE remember to click "Return to Merchant". By doing so, you will be brought to the correct "Registration Page." Those clients using their personal PayPal account will be brought to the "Registration Page" automatically.

Have handy your 17 digit PayPal transaction ID as you will need it for the form.
You can copy and paste it into the form.

5. Fill Out the Registration Form:
Right after your PayPal transaction, you should be directed to the appropriate Registration Form for your session. If that does not happen, contact me immediately.

Fill out the Registration Form being very mindful of spelling and errors. The "email address" field is the most important of all fields. Please re-check to make certain your email address is spelled accurately and is an email address you check daily.

After you review the contents of your "Registration Form", click "Submit" located at the bottom of the "Registration Form" page.

6. Check Email:
Soon as you clicked the"Submit" button of the "Registration Form" you will be asked to back arrow to the site.

Check your email right away for the first email from

If the email was trapped in a Junk or SPAM folder, please make the needed adjustments to accept email from .

7. In Session:
Observe and enjoy the changes precipitated by your Aurora Mistica™ distance healing Session.

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