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The Process
The Process ~ Creating Powerful Intentions
Getting Clear about your Intentions.

Creating Intentions - Aurora Mistica(TM) Distance Energy Healing

The overall intention of each Aurora Mistica™ remote energy healing session is the highest and greatest good for the recipient.
This intention covers it all. The soul/higher self and Aurora Mistica™'s energy both know how Aurora Mistica™ can be used in your best interest.

There are those times, however, when a recipient wants to call in the energy and add a secondary intention/focus.

It is very empowering to create a solid intention before consciously calling in the an extra boost of Aurora Mistica™ distance healing energy.

Feel free to change your intentions throughout the day as needed. For example: At 1:00 p.m. you can call in and direct the distance healing energy for relief from a migraine. At 5:00 p.m. you could call in the energy to help you deal with a situation which occurred at the office. At 8:00 p.m. you could call in energy for some extra clarity in relating with your spouse. There are no restrictions as to how, or how often a recipient chooses to call in the energy in addition to the round the clock soul level interaction occurring unconsciously behind the scenes.

How an intention is stated will make a difference as to the energy you are sending out to the Universe. List below are some things to keep in mind while creating your secondary intention. Rest assured that Aurora Mistica™ will not support an intention that it and your higher self know will be counter-productive and/or destructive.

1.Get very clear as to your intention/ focus for the Aurora Mistica™ session. Frame it in a positive fashion. Make it about what you want rather than don't want. Avoid references to "beating" or "fighting" something. Let the intention be about the desired FINAL RESULT.

2. Avoid all temptations as to determining just "HOW" your intention can/will/should/should not manifest. You want the hands of the divine free to procure your desire in the highest and best way and time.

*If you are afraid you might be asking for something that may not be for your highest and greatest good, give the Universe/God/Source the option to choose and substitute what would really make you happy by ending the intention with "........this or something better".

3. Observe and confront your deepest feelings and beliefs about receiving your intention. Do you truly want the intention to manifest? One must be willing to ACCEPT and RECEIVE the manifestation of their intention. If one feels unworthy of a healing or too attached to living with an issue, one may be ambivalent as to just how much they truly want to let go of the challenge. For a powerful healing, one needs to, absolutely, without a doubt, WANT to release and heal the challenge.

4. Be open to the possibility that anything can happen. Healings are their strongest when there is faith. Eliminate any prior beliefs that something is "too hard" or "too serious" or "too far gone" to heal. Anything is possible. Do whatever you can to get yourself into a place of openness to that fact that all things are, indeed, possible. Faith can and does move mountains.

5. It may help to sit down and make a list of all the times things worked out as intended. Conjure up that feeling you had about the possibility of those manifestations and then transfer those feelings to your intention/focus for an Aurora Mistica™ distance healing session. After focusing on all that worked out nicely in your life, spend some time in quiet gratitude. Feel the gratitude rather than merely thinking about gratitude.

6. Anything can and does happen. After over a decade of directing distance healing energy around the world, I have seen a great range of outcomes from energy work. The recipient could experience anything from increased inner peace, a general great sense of wellness up to, and including, what doctors have labeled as miracles.

There are many possible reasons for this variance in outcomes. Some possible reasons include, but are not limited to, divine timing, lessons to be learned, self imposed limitations, unwillingness to let go and the degree of faith and trust.

*As mentioned earlier on, a secondary Intention is not required. A concurrent intention for the highest and best outcome is in complete synchronization with both your soul and Aurora Mistica™'s energy.

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