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How to Choose - Reiki or Aurora Mistica™?

Reiki or Aurora Mistica - Choose the energyThere are those of you visiting this website who may have difficulty deciding which healing vibration to select for their specific energy healing needs. The common denominator between the two modalities offered, Reiki and Aurora Mistica™, is the person channeling the energy....Anna Pizzoferrato.

Anna is a pioneer in distance energy healing. After over a decade of channeling Reiki energy to people, pets, events & situations all over the world, Anna was gifted with her second and brand new vibration of healing energy. This was a spontaneous event that has changed Anna's life and consequently the lives of other. She is pleased, humbled and honored to have been chosen by spirit to offer this new healing modality to the world. Anna is not sure if she named the energy...or the energy named itself. The name "Aurora Mistica" presented itself with speed and clarity.

Additional similarities between the two modalities, Reiki and Aurora Mistica™ , are that both work for the highest and best good of the individual. Both energies work at a soul level. Ultimately, the recipient's soul/higher self decides just how to utilize the energy. You, the recipient, may want to heal a cold. Your soul may have other ideas. Ultimately, it is your soul/higher self that decides the area(s) of your greater needs. After the energy session is complete, the cold may still linger, however, the energy addressed and eventually initiated more pressing healing shifts in the recipient.

Reiki is a modality in which Anna was attuned by a Reiki Master. She is a Usui, Karuna®, Shamballa and Kundalini Reiki Master. Reiki practitioners are abundant. The power of the channel and methods of each Reiki practitioner uses vary. Aurora Mistica is an energy which chose Anna. The energy is a unique synergistic combination of Anna's personal vibration and the energy she named "Aurora Mistica". As a result, the energy which Anna channels as "Aurora Mistica™" are a unique blend of energies that cannot be duplicated. Anna had been envisioning such an energy for years. The time came and the energy was presented.

Aurora Mistica™ is available to the recipient around the clock. The energy is continuously interacting with the recipient at the soul level. The recipient of Aurora Mistica™ also has the option of "calling in" more energy at will. This opportunity comes in very handy during those trying moments in life. This unique characteristic of Aurora Mistica™ allows a recipient to choose to take a conscious active role in their healing. Having and acting on choices always promotes self-empowerment. Working on your own behalf by calling in Aurora Mistica™'s energy promotes self empowerment which is a natural byproduct of taking an active role in one's healing process. If the recipient of Aurora Mistica is unable to take such an active role in the healing, they are not at a loss. The energy working around the clock with the higher self is very powerful unto itself.

Concerning which to choose, Reiki or Aurora Mistica™, let your intuition guide you. You may feel that one modality would serve a specific need better than the other modailty. You may feel that Reiki is the healing vibration you need to receive at the moment. At another time, Aurora Mistica™ may feel like your best fit for your specific need.

For those of you who need some help in listening to their intuition, help is here.

I, Anna, have chosen an image. The image will appear on two different web pages.

The first image will be called "Image 1" and the second image will be called "Image 2".
"Image I" will be charged by me with one energy and "Image 2" will be charged by me with the other energy. One image will be charged with the energy of Aurora Mistica™, and the other will be charged with the energy of Reiki. Feel the differences between the energies rather than trying to intellectualize them.

How to Connect with your own Inner Wisdom
1. Get centered & calm and ask your higher self/soul for guidance in making the best decision as to which energy suits your present need for healing.
2. Rid yourself on any preconceived notions concerning the energies.
3. Click on the first image link "Image 1" and note any immediate reactions.
4. Take a break.
5. Do the same for the second image clicking on "Image 2".
6. If it is not yet clear which energy image you prefer, walk away from it and return to it later.
7. After you have made your choice between the energy of "Image 1" and "Image 2", click the link which reveals the identities of the two energies by clicking "Your Choice".



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