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How do I choose between your Reiki distance healing service as opposed to Aurora Mistica™ distance healing service?
For someone who has not had any experience with either of my distance healing services, the decision of which to choose as a distance healing modality, Reiki or Aurora Mistica™ could be daunting. To make it easier for new clients, I have a free Reiki-charged sunset on the Reiki site and a free Aurora Mistica™-charged sunrise on this site. Take time to feel each one with the intention of being guided to the right energy for a specific focus.
*Another option...
To save you some time, I created a way to feel your way to your decision while remaining here...
Click HERE to contact your inner guidance to help you choose between the two energies.
Do you teach or attune people to Aurora Mistica™?
No, I do not. Aurora Mistica™ is a unique blend of my personal energy with the energy that I was spontaneously gifted. The synergistic resulting vibration is unique to me so could not possibly be replicated at this time.
Are babies and pets at a disadvantage because they are not capable of consciously calling in the energy of Aurora Mistica™?
No, they are not at a disadvantage. Most of the interaction between any recipient and Aurora Mistica™ is at a soul level. By this I mean that the soul/higher self of the recipient is in constant contact with Aurora Mistica™. Calling in the energy is a conscious act to direct energy when in need of an energetic boost. The soul of a pet or baby, for example, will compensate for their inability to consciously call in the energy by supplying the boosts as needed. Everyone in an Aurora Mistica™ session will receive all the energy they need around the clock. The soul was given access to the energy for a specific period of time. The soul/higher self will see to it that the recipient receives the amount of energy needed.
Can Aurora Mistica™ help with relationships?
Yes, the energy of Aurora Mistica™ can help bring into consciousness new perspectives concerning the relationship and relating to each other. If it would be for the highest and best to separate, Aurora Mistica™ can bring that awareness to the couple as well.
What about free will? How does that affect the help of Aurora Mistica™?
Aurora Mistica™ is not capable of interfering with the free will of another. While Aurora Mistica™ can create a positive environment in which to work out differences between individuals, it works only for the highest and best of all involved.
Can Aurora Mistica™ help a person who is terminally ill?

Yes, Aurora Mistica™ can help. The outcome is dependent upon the desire of the soul/higher self is to their readiness to pass and when to pass. Whatever soul level path is chosen by the recipient, Aurora Mistica™ can help in many ways:
1. Physical relief from pain and discomfort
2. Emotional healing. What does not serve the person emotionally, is reframed and released.
3. Relationship differences become healed.
4. Just like birth, passing over can be traumatic. Aurora Mistica™ helps the person or pet cross over with much greater peace and acceptance.

Can a person who crossed over benefit from Aurora Mistica™ energy?
There have been times that during a distance energy healing session, a person chose to go to pass. The energy session made have had a few days left so the recipient continued to receive the Aurora Mistica™ distant healing energy. I have observed that upon crossing over, the recipient of the energy actually drew more energy through me than when they were in the physical form. The increased draw of energy was a result of the demands associated with adjusting to being back into spirit.

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