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About Anna - Creator of Aurora Mistica(TM)Anna Pizzoferrato has always had a desire to be of service to those in need. Her choices of profession were doctor, nurse or teacher. Her great love of nature led her to choose to become a Biologist and teach the subject of Biology.

It seems that Anna has a natural insatiable curiosity about many things. Anna went on to study computer science. Once discovered to have this new skill under her belt, her employers were delighted to have their first of two middle school computer teachers.

After developing the middle school computer curriculum, she was sent to the "big house," otherwise known as the high school. She completed her 35 year teaching career after teaching both Biology and Anatomy and Physiology at the high school level.

Behind all this science, Anna knew there was much more that science could not verify. As a child she had brief moments of out-of-body experiences. She had an uncanny ability to just "know" what was unknown. During her college years she vividly remembers having many prophetic dreams. It was all very cyclical. Anna would be drawn in, get close, become frightened, turn it off, and then, become enticed enough to jump back in again and... with both feet.

Fast forward to Anna's making the decision to end a twenty year marriage. The pain and emotions of that time were the catalysts that drew Anna in for good. She read self-help books that were mildly infused with spirituality, drew metaphysical teachers to herself, met the "right people", read many more books, and, randomly chose to take a suggested "Reiki" class. Up to that point in time, Anna's only understanding of energy was that of the Newtonian variety rather than the spiritual. Anna now finds it interesting how what seemed to be such divergent views of "reality" are now coming full circle. The work of scientists such as Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton are now bridging the gap between spirituality and science.

Once Anna had a taste of energy work she was hooked. She could not learn enough. She loved the idea that she could serve as a conduit for something so wonderful. Anna went on to become a Usui, Karuna®, Shamballa and Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher.
She is also attuned to a variety of other modalities which include Color of Angels, and Tachyon. Finally, Anna came to understand why she had such a strong attraction to stones and crystals. It was all about vibration.

After being attuned to Reiki Level two, Anna had this idea that she could offer Reiki distance healing to the far reaches of the world by utilizing then new technology of the internet. Teaching full-time, making jewelry and being a mom, wife and head of household, Anna did her research and found that no one was doing this type of energy work using the internet. It was a novel idea... to expect someone to pay for what they could not see. After one year of "experimenting" with friends and associates, Anna was astounded and convinced that it is possible to willingly direct healing energy at a distance. Anna trusted her observations as well as instincts and moved forward in becoming a pioneer in distance energy healing.

As Anna facilitated the healing of many clients around the world, she had a deep knowing that there was more to come. She had been envisioning an energy that would be powerful, flexible, unlimited yet highly responsive to her healing intentions. Her wish had come true. On October 27th, 2010, Anna's life changed. She had been spontaneously gifted a refined energy that, when merging with Anna's own vibrations, produced a very unique blending... a "new" energy. The synergistic effect of Anna's personal vibration and this refined energy created a truly amazing energy. A new modality was born. Anna named this energy "Aurora Mistica." The unique combinations of her energy with this new energy has produced a modality which cannot be taught or replicated in that it contains her very essence.

Anna is pleased to be able to offer such an energy to mankind. She knows that those who are open to it will naturally be drawn to Aurora Mistica™.


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